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A Report On International Marketing Strategy Marketing Essay

A Report On International Marketing Strategy Marketing Essay This paper focuses on the international marketing strategy of two companies: one operating in the developing world and one operating in both the developed and developing worlds. These are Spice Jet, operating in India only and JetBlue airways, operating in USA, Mexico and Central America. Jet blue is a low cost service provider in the airline industry. JetBlue headquarters are situated in the Forest Hills near New York. Their major operations are in the United States, Mexico and Central America. In just five years, JetBlue has become one of the most profitable start-up airlines. They have managed to be profitable during the present recession. JetBlue operates in a very competitive low fare sector of the airline industry. The positioning of JetBlue has been done as an affordable and quality airline with extra facilities. JetBlues CEO David Neelemen and a few Southwest Airlines employees. The second most important thing after security is customer service for JetBlue Training staff, and this very well justifies what Mr. Gareth Edmondson-Jones, VP of Corporate Communications JetBlue said- We want to bring humanity back to airline travel. Its not enough just to launch a low-fare airline that can be unsold by big carriers[1]. According to 2008 reports there are more than 10,000 employees working for JetBlue and 134 aircrafts to 54 destinations in 6 countries. MARKETING STRATEGY of JetBlue Reaching the Customer Within the initial 2 years, JetBlue established a widely recognized brand name. They also have a customer loyalty program known as True Blue[2]. JetBlue mainly competes with its competitors on high quality service provided by its employees[3]. It has been positioned as a low cost and high quality service provider. To keep its operations cost effective JetBlues fleet consists of only one type of aircrafts i.e. AIRBUS A320 because this brings down their maintenance cost. JetBlues marketing strategy is attracting potential customers by effectively communicating its idea that low fares and good quality service are not always mutually exclusive[4]. The main reasons for JetBlues operations being so cost effective are the importance given to technology and innovation and the search for highly skilled and efficient staff known as Crewmembers. While hiring, they seek to match their corporate values with individuals values. In the last 10 years JetBlue has adopted a strategy of innovative marketing and profitability in the industry. Customers are given a $5 discount for booking online. They use different methods to advertise their offers and services such as promotional efforts, newspapers, radio, television and targeted public relations. JetBlue also relies on promoting through Word-of-Mouth. They are socially responsible and believe in CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility. After the earthquake in Haiti on January 12th 2010, they collaborated with American Red Cross and asked people to donate for those who have lost their families and their lifes earnings in the devastating earthquake[5]. DEVELOPED AND DEVELOPING WORLD FOR JETBLUE JetBlue is a young and dynamic low fare airline but it has been facing problems due to the economic downturn. But they have been successful in differentiating their services from their competitors by providing high quality service at low fares. They have always tried to increase the number of their operating destinations to overcome the financial crunch and increase their market base. Currently JetBlue operates in USA, Mexico and Central America and the advantage it has of working in developed countries like USA and the developing ones like Mexico and Central American countries is that they have similar culture and similar expectations from their airline services and substantial amount of American population is Mexican so there are numerous frequent fliers which increases their customer base by substantial numbers. According to Pew Hispanic report of 2008, there were 12.7 million Mexican immigrants living in USA in 2008[6]. There are potential threats also while operating in both developed and developing worlds i.e. the different political environment and their economies being interdependent. Due to the economic crisis in USA, economy of Mexico was also hugely affected. There are different rules and regulations for the airline industry in different countries which also depend on their economic condition i.e. whether they are developed or developing. Developed economies would probably deregulate more and developing economies would try to protect their own airline companies from the ones who come from outside to tap into the local market because this way they actually import services and the local currency goes out. This depreciates their currency with respect to other foreign currencies. Government regulations, political stability and economic condition of the countries differ from each other which make operations of industries like the Airline industry very difficult and makes the business environment very uncertain. SPICEJET AIRWAYS Spice jet is the second largest low cost airline in India. Earlier it was Modiluft airline. ModiLuft airline was the partnership between Indian industrial group Modi and Lufthansa. It is based in New Delhi and offers domestic short haul services with 195 daily flights to 18 destinations in India including the big cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Hyderabad[7]. SpiceJet is using a single-aircraft-type fleet like other low cost airlines. They are currently using 16 Boeing 737-800 and 5 Boeing 737-900ER. MARKETING STRATEGY SpiceJet is using the names of various spices for eg. Cinnamon, thyme etc. for their aircrafts. They handle their marketing campaigns with very catchy tag line Flying for everyone. As SpiceJet is low cost airline, they are more focused upon offering lowest air fares to gain more market share. They entered the market using vary different pricing strategy i.e. Rs.99 fares for 99 days and 9000 seats available at this rate[8]. SpiceJet maintained their low price spice fare strategy and started to sell the air tickets for Rs.500 and Rs.999. The main idea behind this is that they wanted to keep their prices very similar to first class tickets of Indian Railways so that any person who affords that fare can be attracted by these airline fares. Another advantage of doing this is that saves in travel time. Corporate benefit programs, Students discounts, discounts on group bookings are also one of the parts of their marketing strategy. They also offer air tickets with Rs.0 basic fare. Another thing we can observe is that almost 25% of their sales are on their website which shows that SpiceJet encourages the online bookings to eliminate the travel agents thus to bail out travel agents fee. They are also planning to increase their number of fleets in order to increase their market share. They also rely on Word-of-Mouth like JetBlue does. SpiceJet also launched a new communication strategy which clearly moves away from strategies based on price to value based strategies. This strategy focuses on long term prospects and positioning SpiceJet in a different way[9]. COMPLEXITIES REGARDING MARKETING AIRLINE INDUSTRY IN DEVELOPING WORLD The market size for the low fare airline services is really small i.e. just 18 cities in 28 states. That amounts for a very small size of the total population. Airline is not like other products with which consumers have to interact with on daily basis. The regular Indian traveler expects the same whether they are traveling from a low fare airline or a full service carrier with respect to some services like normal sanitation etc[10]. ENHANCING PERFORMANCE Spicejets fleet includes Boeing 737-900ER, which earlier was fine for them to use because of cheap fuel prices but lately fuel prices have increased. Therefore to decrease their operating cost they can also include more fuel efficient aircrafts like ATR-72 for short distance flights and Airbus 320 for long distance flights. They can also increase the number of destinations to reach economies of scale and to increase their revenues. STAY HERE OR EXPAND Given the current economic condition of other countries and the financial situation of Spicejet they should stay in India only because in the developed countries the competitors are more financially stable and they can have a competitive advantage with respect to price and also being there before SpiceJet. Other airlines already operating in the developed countries have well established network and the experience to operate their because the government rules and regulations regarding differ from place to place and also depends on the current economic condition of the country. The cultural difference and the standard lifestyle of the customers are also different. The meaning of a low fare airline might be different for people from different countries and the minimum expectation from the airline services as well. Its true that to increase the revenues they should tap into the other markets but right now its not the right time to that. When they decide to do so they can consider an opti on of collaborating with some other players in the developed country market and gain some experience and know how while working with them before they decide to enter the market themselves. CONCLUSION [1] [2];jsessionid=F854ECF662888C47BD9AD0E3415B9862.l1 [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] SpiceJet Retrieved Jan 20 2010 [8] SpiceJet Debuts with Rs.99 fare for 99 days   Retrieved Jan 20 2010 [9] [10]

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Donne’s use of conceit: Essay

The word conceit as a literary term can be defined is a â€Å"fairly elaborate figurative device†. The pleasure drawn form conceit is intellectual rather than sensual. John Donne has made abundant use of conceits in his love and religious poems to convey his message in a beautiful and intellectual way to his readers. He has made abundant use of metaphors, imagery and similes in his poems in order to pregnant them with aesthetic pleasure of first water. His poem ‘A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning’ presents a glorious example of the use of metaphorical conceits in the love poems. In this poem he discusses and compares the intricate web of relationship between love, soul and body with the drawing compasses. The basic them of the poem is that love is a strong and powerful passion and it has the power of keeping the lovers linked together no matter how vast the physical differences are between them they will eventually meet and live together just like when one arm of compass started its journey and get separated from its other half. At the completion of the circle the separated half comes back and becomes joined together with its partner. That is the case which John Donne wanted to make with respect to the pair of the lovers in his poem ‘A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning’ in which the lover says to his beloved, â€Å"Yet, when the other far doth roam,/ It leans, and hearkens after it, / And grows erect, as that comes home. † This basically implies that she must not fear the separation as the power of her love will guard him and bring him back to her at last. John Donne also makes a very good and meaningful use of conceit in his spiritual poems. For instance in his holy poem ‘A Nocturnal Upon Saint Lucy’s Day’ the use of summer solastics is made to convey in a marvelous way the hopes of the poet. He says in the poem that â€Å"TIS the year’s midnight, and it is the day’s,/Lucy’s, who scarce seven hours herself unmasks ;/ The sun is spent, and now his flasks/ Send forth light squibs, no constant rays ;† the real meaning of the poet is to present himself as an empty self which will be rejuvenated by love. â€Å"Rape of the Lock† and the satirical portrait of Belinda. The mock-heroic is defined as a style of writing in which a heroic manner is adopted to make a trivial subject seem grand in such a way as to satirize the style, and it is therefore commonly used in burlesque and parody. Alexander pope use this style in his long poem entitled â€Å"Rape of the Lock† to satirize the manners and life style of the fashionable society of eighteenth century England. The most important incident in the poem is the cutting of a lock of hair that resulted in the development of fight between two families, as he says â€Å"What dire Offence from am’rous Causes springs,/What mighty Contests rise from trivial Things, [I. 1-2]† . Belinda is the heroine of the poem and she is also served as the butt of satire by Pope. She is discussed as the vain and empty minded women of that fashionable society. Who cares more for her beauty and less for her religion and morality, he says that â€Å"And now, unveil’d, the Toilet stands display’d,/Each Silver Vase in mystic Order laid. /First, rob’d in White, the Nymph intent adores/With Head uncover’d, the Cosmetic Pow’rs. /A heav’nly Image in the Glass appears,/To that she bends, to that her Eyes she rears; [l. 121-6]. † Belinda is also criticized by Pope in the way she has placed bible among the other trivialities of her cosmetics, â€Å" Here Files of Pins extend their shining Rows,/ Puffs, Powders, Patches, Bibles, Billet-doux. [l. 137-8]† Belinda is discussed as the type of women of eighteenth century fashionable society who lived there lives just for the sake of gilded chariots, pearls and rubies, beautiful dresses, cosmetics, lovers and raising hue and cry over immensely trivial matters. They have no heart or mind for religion, morality, or any other serious discipline of life. Philip Sidney and Shakespeare’s sonnets: Sir Philip Sidney set the vogue of writing sonnet-sequences, In fact, after Wyatt and Surrey; the sonnet was neglected for a number of years. It was for Sidney to revitalize this form by composing one hundred and eight sonnets, all put in Astrophel and Stella, commemorating his fruitless love for Penelope Deveneux, the daughter of his patron, the Earl of Essex. Sidney wrote the sonnet, not to satisfy the call of the age, but to express his heart-felt love-experience. Sidney’s sonnets reveal a true lyric emotion. On the one hand, there is in these sonnets much of the conventional material of the Italian sonneteers; but on the other hand there are touches so apt to the situation of a man who loves too late that one hesitates to ascribe them to mere dramatic skill. In Astrophel and Stella, Sidney writes not because it is a pleasant add accomplished thing to do but because he must. His sonnets let out blood. As a sonneteer Sidney is placed next only to Shakespeare and Spenser. His best written sonnets are : Loving in truth, and fain in verse my love to show’ ; With how sad steps, 0 Moon, thou climb’st the skies’; ‘Come Sleep, O Sleep, the certain knot of peace’, ‘having this day, my horse, my hand, my lance’ and ‘No, more my dear, no more these counsels try’. Sidney’s sonnets are mostly written in mixed Italian and English forms. Shakespeare has followed the pattern of Surrey in his sonnets. Since he has made a splendid use of this form, it is known after him and not surrey, its real originator.

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How to Choose Best Research Paper Writing Services in Usa

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Did You Know the US Apologized to Native Americans

In 1993, the  U.S. Congress  devoted an entire  resolution  to  apologizing to Native Hawaiians  for overthrowing their kingdom in 1893. But a U.S. apology to Native Americans took until 2009 and came stealthily tucked away in an unrelated  spending bill. If you just happened to be reading the 67-page  Defense Appropriations Act of 2010  (H.R. 3326), tucked away on page 45, in between sections detailing how much of your money the U.S. military would spend on what, you might notice Section 8113: Apology to Native Peoples of the United States. Sorry For the Violence, Maltreatment, and Neglect The United States, acting through Congress, states Sec. 8113, apologizes on behalf of the people of the United States to all Native Peoples for the many instances of violence, maltreatment, and neglect inflicted on Native Peoples by citizens of the United States; and expresses its regret for the ramifications of former wrongs and its commitment to build on the positive relationships of the past and present to move toward a brighter future where all the people of this land live reconciled as brothers and sisters, and harmoniously steward and protect this land together. But, You Cant Sue Us for It Of course, the apology also makes it clear that it in no way admits liability in any of the dozens of lawsuits still pending against the U.S. government by Native Americans. Nothing in this section ... authorizes or supports any claim against the United States; or serves as a settlement of any claim against the United States, states the apology. The apology also urges the President of the United States to acknowledge the wrongs of the United States against  Indian tribes  in the history of the United States in order to bring healing to this land. And the President Wont Acknowledge It In his 6 years in office after the enactment of the Defense Appropriations Act of 2010, President Obama never publicly acknowledged the Apology to Native Peoples of the United States. If the wording of the apology sounds vaguely familiar, its because it is the same as that in the  Native American Apology Resolution  (S.J.RES. 14),  proposed in both 2008 and 2009  by former U.S. Senators Sam Brownback (R-Kansas), and Byron Dorgan (D., North Dakota). The Senators unsuccessful efforts to pass a stand-alone Native American Apology Resolution date back to 2004. Along with its 1993 apology to native Hawaiians, Congress had previously apologized to Japanese-Americans for their internment during World War II and to African-Americans for allowing slavery to exist in the United States prior to  emancipation. And the Navajo Nation was Not Impressed   On December 19, 2012, Mark Charles, representing the Navajo Nation, hosted a public reading of the Apology to Native Peoples of the United States in front of the Capitol in Washington, D.C. This apology was buried in H.R. 3326, the 2010 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, wrote Charles on his  Reflections from the Hogan blog. It was signed by President Obama on Dec. 19, 2009, but was never announced, publicized or read publicly by either the White House or the 111th Congress. Given the context, the appropriations sections of H.R. 3326  sounded almost nonsensical, wrote Charles. We were not pointing fingers, nor were we calling out our leaders by name, we were just highlighting the inappropriateness of the context and delivery of their apology. What About Reparations? This official apology naturally raises the question of reparations to Native Americans for their decades of mistreatment at the hands of the U.S. Government. While the issue of reparations to African-Americans for slavery is constantly debated, similar reparations to Native Americans is rarely mentioned. The reason most often cited for the discrepancy is the difference between the African American and American Indian experiences. African Americans—sharing the same history, culture, and language—also shared similar experiences of prejudice and segregation. In comparison, various Native Americans tribes—encompassing dozens of different cultures and languages—had vastly different experiences. According to the government, these differing experiences makes arriving at a blanket reparation policy for Native Americans nearly impossible. The issue returned to the public spotlight in February 2019, when Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of several Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls, stated that Native Americans should be included in the â€Å"conversation† on reparations for African-Americans. Warren, who had controversially claimed to be of Native American ancestry herself, told reporters in Manchester, N.H. that America has an â€Å"ugly history of racism† and suggested reparations as one way to deal with it. â€Å"We need to confront it head-on and we need to talk about the right away to address it and make change,† she said.